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Production campaign 2015/16 completed at the sugar factory in Kedainiai in Lithuania

New efficiency investments met all expectations

The last Lithuanian beets of the 2015 season have just been processed at Nordzucker’s sugar factory in Lithuania. Running 24 hours a day during the 81-day season, the factory has processed some 508,000 tonnes of beets.

The beet growing season in Lithuania was characterized by changeable weather conditions with cooler temperatures than normal followed by a warmer and extremely dry summer and autumn.  As a consequence the beet stopped growing but retained its high sugar content.  The sugar yield amounted to 9.6 tonnes sugar/ha (last year 11.9 tonnes/ha).

Dainius Cibulskis, Factory Director in Kedainiai says:

- We have had a very stable and smooth campaign and have been able to increase our slicing capacity with 4% compared to last year. Our investment in a seeding magma vacuum pan for white sugar has also proved very well with a better sugar quality as a result. As intentional this meant that the mean crystal size was increased and thus improved the process stability in the sugar house giving positive effects on the energy consumption. 

The production campaign is now completed at the factories in Lithuania, Sweden and Finland. Nordzucker expects to have completed 2015/16 production season at all its 13 sugar factories start January 2016. 

For further information:
Dainius Cibulskis, Factory Director, AB Nordic Sugar Kedainiai, tel. +370 347 67730
Saulius Mozeris, Head of Agri Center LT, AB Nordic Sugar Kedainiai, tel. +370 347 67823

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