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The Danish factories are preparing for the next campaign

In Nakskov as well as in Nykøbing investments are made in order to optimize production and save energy.

These months, both Danish sugar factories are busy getting ready for the next campaign, which is expected to start in September. The 2015 campaign was finished during Christmas, but immediately after the employees started preparing the factories for a new one.

- During the so-called inter-campaign we secure that the plant is checked in order to be ready for the new campaign. At the same time, employees are away on vacation or they take time off in lieu of overtime, and many employees are away for skills upgrading, says Jesper Jeppesen, Head of sugar factory Nykøbing.

Most investments in Nakskov
The inter-campaign is also used for installing new equipment. This year the major investments are made in Nakskov, where, among others things, two new pulp presses and a sugar cooler will be installed, a total investment of approximately 34 million DKK.

- The pulp is the beet mass that is left after extracting the sugar from the beet. With the increased press capacity, we are able to press more water out of the pulp before drying it in the steam drier and pressing it to fodder pellets. In this way, we make better use of the steam drier and save much energy, says Runi Egholm, Head of sugar factory Nakskov.

The sugar cooler must secure that the sugar has the optimum temperature when entering the silo. For the sake of consistency, the sugar must be cooled down to 25ºC.

Nakskov has also several minor projects in the inter-campaign. As much work as possible is done by our own staff, however, local and foreign suppliers are also involved.

Better environment, less power consumption
In Nykøbing the investments are very much concentrated on environmental improvements and less power consumption. The last couple of years, the factory has worked with large projects, which have significantly reduced particle and dust emissions. Now the last adjustments are made.

Two new centrifuges, extracting the juice from the sugar crystals, will reduce power consumption compared to today. At the distribution centre at Skovalleen in Nykøbing, all lighting will be changed from neon tubes into LED. And in one of the wastewater treatment plants, a new system for aerating the water will also reduce power consumption. Jesper Jeppesen expects that most of the work can be done by the 180-strong workforce.

Many visitors in the campaign
Also this campaign, both factories had many visitors for guided tours. Nakskov had approximately 1,000 visitors. Runi Egholm sees the visits as a nice contact to the local community and also a way for calling attention to the fact that here is a big local workplace that wants to recruit new employees from the local community.

- Very often people are surprised by the size of the factory and the huge amount of beet and sugar being processed, he says.

Also Jesper Jeppesen, who has welcomed approximately 1,200 visitors for guided tours in Nykøbing, sees it as a nice relation to the local community. Just like in Nakskov, the factory has cooperated with the tourist agency, which arranged four evening tours. They were sold out in less than two hours – 160 tickets totally.

- A great success, which we would like to repeat with the tourist agency also in the next campaign, says Jesper.

For further information:
Jesper Thomassen, Managing Director, Nordic Sugar AS, tel +45 3266 2500


Jesper Jeppesen
Jesper Jeppesenfabriksdirektör, Nordic Sugar NykøbingTel: +45 5488 3300
Runi Egholm
Runi Egholmfabriksdirektör, Nordic Sugar NakskovTel: +45 5491 4600
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