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Production campaign 2015/16 completed at the Danish sugar factories in Nakskov and Nykøbing

Short campaign and lower production as planned

The last Danish beet has just been processed at Nordzucker’s sugar factories in Nakskov and Nykøbing. The factories, which have been running around the clock for 83 days, have processed approximately 1.8 million tonnes of beet.

The beet growing season in Denmark has been characterized by varying weather conditions, with a lot of rain and cooler temperatures than normal. Finally, in August, we got a little higher temperature, giving the sugar beet growth a favorable push. It resulted in a high beet harvest per hectare, which in combination with a high sugar content gave a sugar yield per hectare equivalent to 13.1 tonnes of sugar per hectare (five-year average of 13.0 tonnes /hectare).

Jesper Thomassen, Managing Director of Nordic Sugar AS:

- We have in total had a very good campaign at the Danish factories with a safe and consistent production thanks to our dedicated employees. We experienced, however, some difficulties in the beginning at Nakskov, but once these problems were remedied; we quickly got up to full capacity.
- As planned, the production season was shorter than normal and hence the sugar output lower, however, fully living up to our expectations and plans. In Nykøbing, we even reached record results in production of sugar per day.

The production campaign is now completed at the factories in Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden and Finland. Nordzucker expects to have completed 2015/16 production season at all its 13 sugar factories start January 2016. 

Further information:
Jesper Thomassen, Managing Director, Nordic Sugar AS, tel +45 3266 2500
Mariann Mellström, press coordinator, Nordic Sugar AS, tel +46 709 537124

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