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Beet sugar production will continue in Finland


Sucros Oy and its owners Danisco Sugar A/S and Lännen Tehtaat Oy have decided to continue sugar production in Säkylä sugar factory.

[A Danish and English version of press release for download below]

This means that we can also in the future offer our customers and Finnish consumers sugar farmed and produced in Finland. Due to EU sugar reform, domestic beet sugar production has decreased 45 % from the level 2005 and is now 80.999 tons a year. This equates, however, nearly half of the consumption so domestic sugar has still an important role on a Finnish ‘dining table’.

We are very satisfied that sugar beet growers and MTK/SLC have shown strong commitment to continuing beet growing substantially enough for the coming seven-year IPA period. The extended reception time of growing contracts resulted in fulfilling this year’s sugar quota added with a small extra amount. All in all 1.073 growers are willing to grow beets during the coming contract period. The total area for beet will be ca. 14.400 ha.

Sugar beet growing will concentrate nearer Säkylä factory. During the next growing season the average distance of the farms from the factory will be ca. 90 km, whereas last year it was around 110 km. About 10 % of the beets will be grown further than 160 km from the factory. The average beet growing area of a single farm will increase from 10 hectares up to 13 hectares. - Finnish government has in many connections highlighted the importance of continuing sugar production. Sucros, the beet growers, MTK/SLC and the Finnish government have a joint responsibility to ensure a long-term sustainable beet growing and sugar production in Finland. The decision Sucros has now made is based on all parties working in favour of continuing beet growing and beet sugar production.

Säkylä sugar factory was built in 1952. During the campaign it slices on average 7.500 tons of beet daily and produces 1.100 tons of sugar out of it. The factory is giving work to ca. 70 employees the year round and in the autumn it employs additionally 40 seasonal campaign workers. The domestic beet sugar production is indirectly giving work to hundreds of people. For example during the beet campaign around 350-400 truck drivers are getting their income from sugar related transportation.

Sucros Oy and its 100 % owned daughter company Finnsugar Ltd. is producing and marketing various granulated and liquid sugars, syrups and special products. The products are delivered to industrial customers in tank trucks or packed into bags and containers of different sizes. To the consumers we are offering a broad product portfolio of granulated and cube sugars, special products and syrups under the brand name Dansukker.

There will be a press conference at Sucros Oy Säkylä factory 8.2.2008 at 12.

For further information please contact:
Managing Director Päivi Paakkarinen, tel: +358 10 431 5200

Beet sugar production will continue in Finland
Fortsat roesukkerproduktion i Finlandntinue in Finland

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