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Bakery products

Bakery products are a large product group, comprising savoury bread and sweet bread and cakes 

In addition to providing sweet taste Sugar has a lot of other functions that affect the rising process, texture, volume, colour, taste and keeping qualities.

Savoury bread

Nearly all savoury bread is baked with yeast. In this connection sugar and syrup have a number of important functions, in the dough and in the end product. 

Sugar/syrup has an impact on:

  • Volume – sugar/syrup acts as nourishment to yeast and thus contributes to accelerating the rising process. The more sugar/syrup, the more the loaf rises (to a certain point). Adding sugar/syrup often increases the volume of the bread. 
  • Colour – via various browning reactions, sugar gives the finished loaf a good colour. 
  • Texture – sugar gives a good crust and ensures a good structure in the loaf. 
  • Keeping qualities – sugar helps to maintain moistness so that the bread stays fresh longer.

Sweet bread and cakes
Sweet bread and cakes comprise e.g. wheat bread, pastry, pies and tarts, moist cakes and biscuits.

Among other things, sugar adds

  • Volume – in products where sugar and fat or sugar and egg are whisked together, sugar helps to make the dough more airy. 
  • Structure – sugar stabilises protein foam in whisked egg whites and affects the ability of the dough to spread on the baking tray.
  • Flavour – sugar gives a sweet flavour and enhances other flavours.